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Scouts that have earned the rank of Life are encouraged to begin their Trail to Eagle right away.

Meeting Place: LDS Church, 655 Old Orchard Rd., Danville.
Time: 7 p.m. sharp

Eagle Process Orientation and Packet Handout
When: First Thursday of each month (same day/time as Eagle Project Boards of Review)
Host: Debbie Wiley (925) 788-4805 Wileyfamily@sbcglobal.net

Scouts need not call in advance, though an email saying you are coming would be appreciated. Scouts must bring a pen and paper.

Copy of the handout (updated 01/18/14)
Copy of the presentation
Eagle Service Project Workbook downloading instructions
Eagle Service Project Workbook
2014 Eagle Scout Rank Application

How do Eagle Boards Work?
There is no reason to be nervous about your Eagle Boards -- we are here to help you succeed! Here is what happens:

Two Scouts per three-member Board of Review are generally scheduled at 7pm and 7:45pm. First, the Board reviews the materials, which typically takes about 20 minutes. This is the first time they will see your stuff, so PLEASE don't be late! Then, they may speak briefly to the Advisor, then the Scout and Advisor are invited in for a discussion (the Advisor is there to listen), which also typically takes around 20 minutes. The Scout and Advisor are excused, the Board reaches a unanimous decision, and the Scout and Advisor are called in to discuss the results.

The most common reasons for "failing" a Project Board are missing signatures or not bringing your advisor with you.

Since two Scouts are reviewed by three Board members, we need one-and-a-half times as many adult volunteers as prospective Scouts. If you would like to be added to our volunteer list, please email Nick Hall. We always assign new volunteers with "old timers," so it is very easy to come up to speed on Board participation.

Eagle Project Review Boards
When: First Thursday of each month
Host: Nicholas Hall (925) 837-3165 nick.hall@nawtonhall.com

Scouts must call or email at least one week in advance of the meeting as we need to schedule adult volunteers to serve on the Eagle Boards.

Bring three copies of your proposal and any supporting materials for the Board to review beforehand. Be sure you have the three signatures (Beneficiary, Scoutmaster, Committee) on your original copy, Bring an adult with you, preferably your Advisor, and wear Class A's. If all of that is done, you can just come on Thursday, no need to drop anything off beforehand.

Eagle Boards of Review
When: Third Thursday of each month
Host: Brent Henderson (925) 212-5453 bthe@pacbell.net

Scouts must call at least one week in advance of the meeting as we need to schedule adult volunteers to serve on the Eagle Boards.

You must have all Eagle requirements completed and your Eagle application completely signed off before your 18th birthday, and before you can schedule a Final Board of Review, which must be held before 90 days after your 18th birthday.

Mr. Henderson needs to review your materials in advance, so please phone him to arrange getting these to him.

For current advancement records
Email or call Eileen Ladarre (925) 674-6104 registrar@bsa-mdsc.org

To have the Council sign-off on your Eagle application
Email or call Julie Graham (925) 674-6126 programsecretary@bsa-mdsc.org

SPECIAL NOTE:  Please - no calls after 9 p.m.


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